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Leaders See Things Differently

Think about some of the greatest athletes of all time — Bryant, Gretzky, the Williams sisters, Jordan, Brady. Were they great because they did everything the way that had been done before? Were they great because they blended into the background, unwilling to make waves? Or were they great because they imagined a better way of playing and then fought tooth and nail to change the game to fit the reality that they envisioned?

Great Leaders Are Visionaries

Part of the leader mindset is a refusal to accept that things are as good as they can possibly be. A leader has never heard “good enough” and been satisfied. Whether you’re a CEO or a secretary, if you see a better way of doing things, do it! It may take others time to catch up, but leaders are used to others following them.

Leaders Say “No” to the Status Quo

Let’s use Michael Jordan as an example here. While there were some incredible basketball players in the 60s and 70s, when Jordan joined the Bulls in 84, there was a seismic shift that altered the sport so dramatically that it hasn’t been the same since. Part of what made Jordan such an incredible player was his ability to shift roles when needed — he didn’t believe that players were either defensive or offensive, he knew that the best had to break that mold and be the best whether scoring or preventing the other team from scoring.

Leadership is a Mindset

Jordan is an excellent example of how leadership is a mindset. After leading the Bulls to six NBA Championships, Jordan retired and began working with other teams before eventually purchasing the Charlotte Hornets and becoming basketball’s first billionaire. His work ethic and his ability to help others achieve their goals stands as a perfect example of how leadership is more about a process than it is a title.

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