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Audacious Events 

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Ready to take part in a life-changing experience?

Overcome one of the TOP BARRIERS Women Face
in Life and Leadership - TIME.

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Take Back Your
Time Challenge!


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Chill Chat & Chews

You want to take your life and leadership to the next level, but something is holding you back. Could it be fear of failure, or even fear of success? In our Chill Chat & Chew series, we explore how fears and succumbing to setbacks can stand in the way of achieving the life you deserve. Each 90-minute event takes a deep dive into the issues most commonly experienced by high-performing women and offers fun and innovative ways to conquer them.

Audaciously Me! Weekend Retreat

Are you ready to live life on your own terms?  Jump start your journey as you learn the fundamentals and reclaim your power during a fantastic weekend retreat featuring – insightful workshops, sensory room experiences, discussion groups + lifetime access to the automated coursework material (post event). During this 2-day experience, you will pinpoint the one issue that is holding you back in multiple areas and transform this epic challenge into an inspirational motivator to become the person you were meant to be: an invincible woman. You will learn how to “get out of your own way” and start becoming the hero of your own life.

Confetti Storm


If you are a go-getter who knows that having it all also means juggling it all, our Gatherings are a great opportunity to connect with other high achieving women who just get it. In this life, there are few entities more powerful than a strong group of women supporting each other. When you sign on to attend a Gathering with Coach Tracey, you will create meaningful connections with like-spirited women, develop new emotional intelligence competencies, and discover the meaning of pleasure and joy through play.

Leadership Conference

The Audacious Leadership Conference is a full-day experience rich with opportunities to laugh, learn, and collaborate with like-spirited women and men of diverse backgrounds, beliefs, and perspectives.  Participants will attend riveting plenary sessions and interactive workshops that offer insight and strategies to address complex business challenges that root from changing dynamics; conflict; increasing workload; and communication breakdowns.  There will be plenty of opportunities for real-world application, networking, and fun! For a full day, you will have uninterrupted time to learn how to live and lead from an unchangeable center that can withstand the inevitable and ever-changing circumstances in the Games of Life and Leadership.



Coach Tracey brings truth about the light within us and has created a wonderful way to communicate how to be our authentic higher self. Love this and so happy it was shared with me.

- Labeebah Thompson

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