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“A Fully Expressed Woman is liberated, confident,

and full of self-love.”

– Tracey Knight

Are you ready to become one of the F.E.W.?

The F.E.W. is a group of empowered, supportive women who are striving to realize their full potential, live life on their own terms, and find out what it means to be a Fully Expressed Woman.


If you’re stressed, drained, working too hard, or falling short of where you hoped you would be at this time in your life, now is your opportunity to become one of the F.E.W. who discovers clarity, confidence, conviction, and true happiness as you create the life of your dreams. 


As a member of the F.E.W., you receive an abundance of coaching benefits from Coach Tracey Knight and her team of transformation experts.  Best of all, you have access to an entire library of resources and inspiring events and where you can build friendships, set attainable goals, and learn how to express yourself fully. 

Who is the F.E.W. for?

If you’re a woman who is ready to thrive, live an empowered life, and grow within a fun and trusted community of women, the F.E.W. is for you.

The F.E.W. is for . . .


A woman who strives to be financially independent and successful, wants to see her career goals made a reality, and is ready to advocate for herself and her place in the world.

The Ambitious Woman


A woman who wants to create standards for herself, achieve balance, 

speak her mind, assert healthy boundaries, and live the life she truly desires.

who strives to be financially independent and successful, wants to see her career goals made a reality, and is ready to advocate for herself and her place in the world.

The Audacious Woman


A woman who longs to create a reality that inspires her, isn’t afraid to reach for her dreams, and is on the path to wellness, joy, and healthy relationships.

The Abundant Woman

And for the woman who isn’t yet ready to call herself Ambitious, Audacious, or Abundant . . . the F.E.W. is for you, too! Through sisterhood, encouragement, and accountability, the F.E.W. can help you transform your life in ways you can’t yet imagine!

What can the F.E.W. do for you?

The F.E.W. is a supportive community that wants to see YOU become a Fully Expressed Woman. 

Membership with the F.E.W. helps you shift your perspective and live audaciously in every space you enter so that you can feel confident and liberated as you express who you truly are. 

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Get to know your truest self, explore and prioritize self-love, and feel more comfortable with your body and mind as you learn how to move toward self-compassion, balance, and growth.

You’ll be in good company on your journey. Here are some of the remarkable women who have already joined the F.E.W.


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Tracey Knight is an amazing coach.  She helped me come through a dark place.  If you know you know! Please support her…it will be worth it!

- Dakira Starks Watkins

The F.E.W. offers you . . .

  • Live support and coaching from Coach Tracey,

  • Empowered sisterhood,

  • Weekly motivational texts,

  • Coaching in your Inbox,

  • Access to Coach Tracey’s resource library, 

  • Membership to the Facebook group Living Audaciously,

  • And discounts on other services

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