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Ready to jumpstart your personal growth journey?

Subscribe to The Awakening! With this subscription, you get unlimited access to a wealth of resources to expand your consciousness  and help you build vital skills to manage the ever-changing dynamics of life and leadership. Our resource hub, The SOURCE, contains hundreds of tools, assessments, motivational videos, articles, blogs, games, and “how-to” demonstrations.

Subscribers also benefit from Coaching in Your Inbox where you can tap into the wisdom and expertise of Coach Tracey Knight as she shares proven techniques to overcome self-imposed limitations and self-defeating habits.  Each pre-recorded segment is rich with tips, tools, and inspiring messages to help you Take Back Your Power, Transform Your Habits, and Win at Life.

The Awakening

Subscription that enables women who are still on the fence or early in their Self-Mastery journey to test the waters.


Resource hub with hundreds of tools, assessments, motivational videos, blogs, articles, games, and  actual “how-to” demonstrations on various health modalities.  The library focuses on The Source of Audacious living and features the 7 spokes of the Life Wheel - Health, Career, Money, Platonic Relationships, Intimate Relationships, Spirituality and Personal Development, and Lifestyle. 

Bi-weekly Coaching in your Inbox - on demand coaching from Coach Tracey Knight via recorded message “)


Membership Program - (The F.E.W.)

Many are called but only the F.E.W. have the audacity to respond! The F.E.W (Fully Expressed Woman) Membership Program is an exclusive tribe of ambitious and audacious women who have already completed one or more of our other coaching programs and have now committed to keep going on the journey.  We offer on-going training, resources, and support to help women build the character, courage, and consciousness to not only create their best life but to learn how to enjoy every minute of every experience as their conviction and strength are tested by the inevitable and ever-changing circumstances of life and leadership. 

The F.E.W (The Fully Expressed Woman)

Membership Program for women who are invested in their greatness - in time, money, and energy. Once a woman has completed one of the coaching programs, she is eligible for this exclusive membership program.  
The FEW has many benefits, we are an private and close-knit community of women-supporting each other on this journey to living life on our own terms unapologetically.  Our tagline is “Many are called but only the FEW have the audacity to respond!

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The F.E.W.  Services

Live Group Coaching Session featuring experiential games, expert panels, and roundtable discussions, (Monthly )

Video Coaching in Your Inbox (Weekly) - a motivational message from Coach Tracey 

Access to the Private Facebook Group with with Weekly Discussions Topic Posts

Library of Self-Mastery and Self-Care Activities, Tools, Reference Material and over 750 You Revealed Live videos with Coach Tracey Knight.

Inspirational SMS Messages with two-way communication

Group Accountability Partners

Special pricing on 1:1 coaching, events and products


Just Be Audacious

External accountability is also critical to the process of change and, in my experience, is one of the most valuable and underutilized resources. This type of accountability entails sharing what you are doing and asking for constructive feedback from a trusted and supportive family member or friend; hiring a coach, or joining a community of like-minded people. If you are uncomfortable sharing, being vulnerable and you avoid external accountability systems, you should note, this is yet another clever and evasive tactic of self-sabotage!

This is a public group for women who are ready to ready to live life on their own terms without succumbing to fear, setbacks, and other's expectations.

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